Femdom Supremacy - Hot mistresses dominate their submissive slaves

Mistress Isabella hates being ignored and when her boyfriend did it, she knew she had to teach him a lesson and she did this in a way he did not expect. The mistress had him turned on and just when he wanted to have her, she made him lick her feet instead. He was not allowed to fuck her. He had to be a foot slave and he learned never to ignore her.

Using her smelly feet, this mistress made her boyfriend shut up. He did not have a choice but to do what the mistress wanted. He was shocked but he did not want to say much out of fear of pissing her off some more. So he took the punishment and waited for a good time to discuss it with his girl and try to avert such an issue from arising in future.

Mistress Jardena is great at femdom supremacy. She knows how to humiliate and to belittle someone to the extent that they do what she wants. That is why she chose to dominate this loser with her feet and put him in his place. He was shocked by how far she was willing to go to humiliate him and he realize he did not have to fight him as that made her angrier.

When this mistress and her man were trying to exert their authority over each other, the mistress knew she had to win that war and she had to win it clearly. That is why she chose to turn her boyfriend into a foot slave in order to assert her authority over him. He was shocked and did not see it coming but he was powerless to do anything about it.

This guy had a crush on mistress Saida and she wanted to tease and deny him today. She invited him to her house and she had him undress. She then went with him to the shower and she took a shower while he watched her. She was naked and her hot body was there for him to see and enjoy. But he could not touch it. He instead jerked off.

Princess Isabella knows that scaring people is effective in getting them to do what she wants and that is what happened here today. The mistress used her feet to dominate this guy and in so doing, she inflicted a lot of pain on him. She did not need to spend a lot of time humiliating him to scare him. The little she did with her feet was enough to get the job done.

Goddess Antonella did not want to let this guy get away with being slow. She felt that the best way to deal with him was to scare him so that he would be afraid of being slow with her. That is why she opted to trample the shit out of him and she did so today. The mistress used high heels to do so and by the time she was done with him, she knew he was sufficiently scared.

When this guy noticed that he was about to be punished and humiliated by mistress Ava Black and lady Bellatrix, he came up with an idea to change the situation and make it a win-win. She proposed to give them a great foot licking treat. Since they had never experienced one, they agreed to it and told him that if it was good, they would not punish or humiliate him.

Mistress Chloe has a big ass and she loves to use it to dominate. Today she made sure that this guy not only jerked off to her instructions, but that the guy also smelled her farts. He loved her ass but he was not prepared for her farts. However, he did not have a say in the matter and his only work was to do what she asked him to.

Mistress Mystique realized that this guy had bad breath and even when she implored on him to change, he did not. That pissed her off and she had to act. The mistress chose to use her big ass to do it and she forced him to lick her ass when it was sweaty and smelly. That way, he would never blame anyone else other than himself for what happened to him.

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